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This website is for entertainment purposes only! I am not a doctor or psychologist. Readings can provide information on self-awareness, career changes, warnings, etc... But don't be surprised if you actually learn a bit about yourself and other people in your life.  Normally, I don't like to read for a person unless they know it-however, at times there are circumstances that need to see the light of day.  I kind of feel it's an invasion of their privacy, but if it is necessary, I will do it.   Also, sometimes I will pick up on recent consversations.  EX: You may have just discussed pregnancy, buying a new car, career change, etc... This doesn't necessarily mean you are pregnant, going to get the car, or are leaving your job. It just means I have a good connection with you!  Also, the reading is not set in stone, sometimes it is a guide or warning.  It is up to you to choose what path to follow. 


Basic Reading-$15

Advanced Reading Package-$30

At a later date, I will be adding other products for sell.


If you are interested here, is my contact info:


Email:  Owlreadtarot@gmail.com

Website: Owlreadtarot.com

Facebook:  Owlreadtarotcom

Twitter:  @Owlreadtarot


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Reading information: 

1)  Basic Reading-I will do two 7-card readings and compare to see what your message is.  Readings can often reveil things about ourselves that we need to work on or things to come.  Sometimes a person that has a strong influence in your life will come through more than yourself so keep an open mind.  If this happens, I usually request that you sage yourself and surroundings.  After you sage, I will then read you again and see what comes up. EX: I read for a person over and over, (14 cards at least 4 times), the same thing kept coming up.  I didn't know this client personally and thought OMG! this person is crazy.  Finally, I sent the reading.  Well come to find out, this was the person's ex.  I had the client to sage herself and surroundings and the next reading was all about her. 

2)  Advanced Reading package-I will do a basic reading and then confirm with you that I have connected with just you.  I will then try to visualize a color for you, the gemstone you currently need, and the power/spirit animal that possibly is walking with you or has a message for you.  EX:  The color I visualized for my niece is turquoise.  She has a temper problem and is impatient.  This color is to remind her that people learn differently, whether fast or slow, and she has to be calm and patient when instructing her squad in  order for her squad to perform efficiently.